The Lost Matriarch


An experimental piece of surreal feminist theatre, showing as part of The Camden Fringe 2015.

Leave behind all you have ever known about gender as we take you on a journey in to The Lost Matriarch. Enter this upside down world, where women are Fasculine and men are Meminine. Yes, you heard correctly…

MosuoMosuo recognise that our society & media continually condition us with subtle and subconscious gender prejudices, saturating and warping our vision of the world, but most dangerously, of ourselves. Celebrating periods, dissecting celebrity culture and philosophising about the future, The Lost Matriarch subverts these often overlooked inequalities of daily life, confronting our perceptions of gender and ‘femininity’.  This is an entirely new and experimental comedy, challenging conventions through a unique and groundbreaking performance.

This piece is inspired by feminist literature and icons, such as Delusions of Gender, Reclaiming the F Word, Gender Trouble, Emily Davison and Sarah Connor.

MosuoMosuo Bio: A new experimental theatre company consisting of professional actress and comedy writer Helen Betty Knott & artist and designer Alana Madden. Named after an infamous matrilineal society in Tibet, the Mosuo tribe.