The Lost Matriarch 2

Edinburgh Festival 2018

theSpace on North Bridge Fife Theatre (V36)

Friday 3rd August to Friday 24th August

7.20PM – 8.15PM

The Lost Matriarch 2 is a piece of surreal comedy theatre which flips stereotyping on its head. Our show passes the Sphinx/Bechdel Test and encourages diversity and equality.

The Lost Matriarch 2 is the follow up show to The Lost Matriarch, which was performed at Camden Fringe in 2015 by Helen Betty Knott and Alana Madden and played to sell out audiences.

Show Synopsis

Chuckle award runner-up (1998) Berlinda will take you on a journey to The Lost Matriarch, leaving behind all you have ever known about gender. In the upside-down world of TLM2, women are fasculine and men are meminine. Yes, you heard that correctly. Ladies dominate building sites, pay for lap dances and give their daughters guns to play with. But men are fed up with paying more for a haircut, they want change! How long can these inequalities last? How can anyone express their true sexentity? Who am I? Will Berlinda ever tell a funny joke?

From the makers of The Lost Matriarch (Camden Fringe, 2015), comes this new comedy sketch show, featuring Helen Betty Knott (co-creator of MosuoMosuo), Roísín Bevan and Cassie Symes.

The company

MosuoMosuo is a theatre company that aims to subvert the often overlooked inequalities of daily life, highlighting biased perceptions of gender, sexuality and feminism. This is a new and experimental comedy, challenging conventions through a unique performance.

This piece is inspired by feminist literature and icons, such as Delusions of Gender, Reclaiming the F Word, Gender Trouble, Emily Davison and Sarah Connor.

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